Online Edu HK  is an online marketplace that allows students to connect with lesson providers. Our integrated platform enables students to identify and connect with their ideal Online Edu HK/Tutor in the most convenient method. The searching and matching of requirements of the students and lesson providers would be conducted in the most efficient and accessible platform, reducing search time and effort, which leads to direct increase in productivity. Students and keen learners will be able to improve their knowledge and skills in any field, any industry and any interest at their own free time and convenience in no time at all.

We are not a tutorial agency and do not directly recommend or receive allocations from any individual lesson providers to students. In actual fact, none of the tutors or lesson providers are our employees. We are merely platform providers that facilitates the marketing and advertising of tutors or lesson providers for their services. It is ultimately the responsibility of tutors and students’ responsibility to comply with local laws and regulations.

After Users sign-up as a member of, users have agreed and understood the terms of use that are regulated within In the event of any disagreement to the Terms of Use or our Privacy Policy in whole or in part, Users are not recommended and should not use the service offered herein.

. To register as a member, Users are required to fill all necessary personal details.
2. Users must be of 18 years or older.
3. Users are required to register with their individual name as per Identification Card or any official identification documents. Nicknames or aliases are not allowed.
4. Mobile phone contact numbers and email address submitted must be active, staff members of may contact with you from time to time in any event that is deemed necessary.
5. reserves all rights to reject student memberships with any sensible and just reason.

Users Account.
1. Users are responsible to protect the secrecy of password and username that is made accessible on any electronic or non-electronic platforms.
2. Users responsible on anything happen prior using their password and username account.
3. Users agree that any wrongdoing and abuse related to your account will be reported to
4. is not responsible on any loses or damages that occur in the event of failure to comply to the aforementioned Company Policy or Terms of Use.
5. reserves all rights to reject or terminate any User Account.

Students Profile.
. Users are required to fill up all personal information accurately.
2. Users are responsible for all information, materials that are to be displayed or utilized in

Browses Lesson and Search
. Users agree and understand that all information, materials that are displayed or utilized in are provided and prepared solely by third party lesson providers or tutors.
2. will not be held responsible for any loses, damages or abuse that may be caused by any third party providers.
3. do not guarantee the security of any lesson providers or tutors for each individual student.

. Users agree to pay 50% of the total monthly lesson or tuition fee in advance as booking fee for the selected subject or lesson provider displayed at
2. will not provide any refunds for cancellation once the lesson provider has accepted the users as students, unless the lesson provider/ tutor refuses or does not accommodate the individual student or user.3. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, users are advised to immediately contact via email at or call XXX for assistance.

Users Acknowlegdement.
. Users acknowledge that may use data for any suitable purposes including and not limited to statistical analysis, data mining and may provide this to interested third parties.
2. Users acknowledge that may monitor and moderate all posts and communications on the website and have the right to delete and /or block such posts and communications.
3. Users acknowledge that are not liable for any direct or indirect forms of losses,damages or consequences through the use of the website; including the loss of data, information or any kind of financial or physical loss or damage.

Operation of services.
. reserves the right to withdraw or modify aspects of the service, or the entirely of it, where we have legal or commercial reasons to do so. There may also be times when the  service becomes inaccessible as a result of technical difficulties experienced by or on the internet, we will, however, use reasonable skill and care to overcome these problems where they are within our control
2. sorely reserves the right to revise or change the rates without any prior notification and refunds will be given at the discretion of the company management.

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